How to use a Ricoh GR with off camera flash

Howdy people! If you are a Ricoh GR enthusiast like me, or if you're thinking to get a Ricoh GR camera maybe this post will be useful for you. Whenever i tried to look up on google for some information about "how to use or set up a Ricoh GR with an off camera flash" i never found anything useful. Does a Ricoh GR work with flash triggers? Is there any other cheap way i can use an off camera flash with my Ricoh? Well, given that i never found any of these info online, i thought to write something by myself.

Point 1 - Wireless Trigger (Success rate A+)

My personal set up - Ricoh GR + Nikon SB 700 + Yognuo wireless triggers

My personal set up - Ricoh GR + Nikon SB 700 + Yognuo wireless triggers

Let me cut to the chase, yes you can use wireless trigger with your Ricoh GR, even if on the specification of the trigger is not mentioned a compatibility with the Ricoh!

For instance, when i bought my set of wireless triggers i wasn't sure they would have work, so decided to go with a very cheap pair of Yongnuo RF-603 N II which are officially advertised as compatible with Nikon camera. They work like a charm on my Ricoh GR and they are very easy to set up and use. Now what you need to do is:

  1. Channel setting: set the 2 triggers on the same channel (there are 5 tiny switchers inside each of them, just set them with the same code)
  2. Place the batteries (2 AAA model for each trigger) and power both of them on
  3. Place one trigger on the camera hot shoe and the other one on the off camera flash
  4. Turn on the camera and the flash
  5. Awaken the flash by pressing half way the button on the camera trigger
  6. Set up the flash in manual mode (these triggers don't work in TTL mode), remember to set up the flash power in the right way
  7. Now you should be ready to use your Ricoh GR with an off camera flash


Point 2 - No wireless triggers? No problem (Success rate B)

Ricoh internal flash + remote external flash

Ricoh internal flash + remote external flash

If you don't own a pair of wireless triggers, this is not an issue as you can still use an off camera flash with your Ricoh GR by using the pop up flash of the camera as a flash trigger. The camera set up are the following:

  • Open the camera menu - manual flash - reduce to power to the minimum: 1/64
  • Now set up the flash exposure compensation to the minimum: -2.0
  • Set up lens aperture and ISO according to your preferences

The reason why you need to power down the pop up camera flash is because we want to make sure that its light will not affect the final image exposure, letting the off camera flash be the main light source. Now let's set up the off camera flash:

  • Set the flash in SU-4 mode (if using a Nikon flash) or slave mode or optical trigger mode
  • Use the flash in manual mode and set up the right power. Not sure what's the right power setting? Read here 
  • Set the zoom of the off camera flash  to 28mm 

At this point you should be able to use the off camera flash with your Ricoh. Take a few test shots before going on the street just so you're sure are all set up right.

My personal consideration having tried both ways is that using the pop up flash of the Ricoh as a trigger will make you miss some shots. If you don't hit the subject properly with the camera flash correctly, it won't trigger the off camera flash. This is why I rated with a B. Anyway a little trick is to stick a piece of transparent tape on the Ricoh flash, to avoid missed shots.

Hope you found this post useful. If you have any question or comment, or if you just want to share your experience, place a comment below.

Cheers, Nico